The love letter -- wine box is an add-on to an existing ceremony.
It can be used to break up the monotony of a religious ceremony or
used instead of the proliferated unity candle or sand ceremonies.
This add-on will have your wedding guests talking for a long time as
it is an excellent way to reinforce the couple-centric aesthetic we at
New York Marriages aspire to incorporate into all of our ceremonies.
Please take a look at the sample love letter -- wine box add-on below...

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Unity Candle Are you looking for a ceremony that is personalized and includes details about your relationship? Check out our exclusive Couple's Questionnaire which is what we use to customixe your ceremony.

Sample Unity Candle Add on Are you already married? Looking to make this upcoming anniversary one to remember? How about surprising your spouse with an impromptu vow renewal? We can even arrange to have it conducted after dinner plans, before a party, etc. Check our sample vow-renewal ceremony here or email New York Marriages to find out how together we can make it happen


Unity Candle
Wine Box Love Letter Ceremony, Sample Wedding Ceremonies, New York Wedding Officiant, Long Island Justice of the Peace

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