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“Keith developed an amazing ceremony for our wedding. By answering a few questions, he was able to tailor our wedding ceremony perfectly for my husband and I. Keith was willing to incorporate any aspect that we wanted into our wedding ceremony (i.e., humor, sand ceremony, etc.) and delivered a service that will always remain invaluable as we remember our special day. Keith was also easy to keep in touch with, always responded to our questions timely and effectively, and was very professional throughout the entire planning process. It's a shame that you only need to use an officiant once in a lifetime (if you're lucky!) because Keith would definitely fit the bill any day!” - Sarah St. Pierre See Original Review here
"Keith was the best! He is so personable, friendly, calming and funny. We spoke with him on the phone a few times and booked him. We didn't even meet until the wedding day, but from our conversations, felt as if we'd known him forever. He answered a million and one questions for us, and wrote the most BEAUTIFUL ceremony, tailored to us. Usually you see people zoning out during the ceremony, but the audience was listening, nodding, laughing and then told us how great it was after. If you are looking for an officiant, look no further!" - Jennifer and Redjeb See Original Review here
" For all of those looking to hire a wedding officiant, we have found the cream of the crop! We cannot possibly say enough as to how phenomenal of a wedding officiant Keith Gugliuzza from NY Marriages is. We hired Keith to be the officiant for our small wedding; we had for about 30 of our family and friends. When we first called him, he scheduled a meeting with us after work one day, and he took us out for a drink to get to know us (always a good start !). After talking with Keith and seeing how easy going and genuine his personality was, we knew right away he was who we wanted to marry us. He showed a deep concern for all the details as to who we were, how we met, and why we love each other. The day was perfect and a big reason was because we hired Keith as our officiate. He was very timely.... showed up 30 min early, and he assured us not to worry about our guests coming late that he will start when we are ready. He kept us as calm as possible, by giving us advise as to what was about to take place and he was there to fall back on every step of the way whenever we started to get a little nervous. Even little things like being sure to say goodbye to our parents before he left, and talking with all our guests...really helped make the day so natural and special. It was as if we were being married by a close friend we had known for years, even thought we just met Keith a few months before. Now after the day is over, my DH and I both felt we made so many great decisions in planning this wedding, but hiring Keith was by far the best one we made!." - Kerri-Ann and Russell
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"Keith officiated my wedding and he was fantastic both at the ceremony and during the planning stages. His voice carries wonderfully, he is affable and charming as a speaker, and he is exceptionally easy to work with. My wife and I couldn't have been happier." - Dan See Original Review Here
Keith Gugliuzza really was the best choice for my (new) husband Marc, and myself. After meeting w/Keith just once, both Marc and I knew immediately this was the guy for us. He 'got' us. He understood us. And he made both of us feel totally at ease. And when it came down to the wedding day - to ceremony time - we knew we had the right guy. He is personable, easy-going, and definitely has a great sense of humor, so he fit in with us perfectly. He did such a great job at the ceremony that all my guests thought we were life-long friends - when in reality we had only met 9 months earlier. And without overly prying and bombarding us with questions and questionairs, he listened to us the first time around, asked all the right questions, and really, he just gave us the greatest ceremony we could've ever asked for. For me, ceremonies are always the part that is, well, for olack of a better word, dull - but Keith knew just the right amount of humor to add - having listened to us, and getting a great feel for us, he really knew where he could go w/the ceremony. Honestly, if i could have created an officiant from scratch, I would have created Keith. Any bride and groom will be extremely happy with Keith Gugliuzza. He's a good guy, easy to talk to, easy-going, knows when to be professional, and when he can let a little humor in. For all my guests to be convinced that Keith and me and my new husband were life-long friends - well, I think that says it all right there - with Keith you're not going to get some cookie-cutter officiant - you're going to get someone who can really listen to the bride and groom and make them feel as special as they should feel. Reliable, personable, professional. I'd be thrilled to recommend Keith Gugliuzza to any new bride and groom. I could go on, but short and sweet - I couldn't be more pleased than I already am with Keith - we DEFINITELY made the right choice!" - Jodi and Marcus See Original Review Here

Keith was the officiant at our wedding and it was u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e. But don't take it from me, take it from every single one of our guests who came up to us after the wedding and asked who the officiant was, saying it was literally the best ceremony they have ever witnessed. I'd like to take all of the credit because I am so handsome - and I was wearing a tuxedo with tails - but it would be doing a disservice to Keith who deserves all of it.

Here's my review in a nutshell: my now wife's cousin got married a few weeks ago. After the ceremony, the mother of my wife's cousin came up to us and confided that she cried more at our ceremony than at her own daughter's, and she laughed more than she ever has at any other wedding. She said, verbatim, that "Your ceremony was perfect. I don't know who that guy was or how you met him... how did you meet him? I want him to re-do my daughter's wedding!' Yeah. It's like that.

Keith has a warm personality, speaks well, and presents himself well. He knows when to do business with you and when not to. His ceremony is very well structured, smooth flowing, and incredibly touching. It's not too short, not too long, but just right. I couldn't recommend Keith more.

Cliff notes: incredible guy, incredible ceremony, HIGHLY recommend. - Seth and Gabrielle See Original Review Here

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