Unity Candle In this day and age, it is becomming more commonplace for people of different cultures and different faiths to get married in an interfaith wedding ceremony.

Unity Candle Some couples choose to alleviate even the potential of offending a wedding guest(s) who may not adhere to their faith by having a strictly secular wedding ceremony.

Unity Candle There are, however, those couples who do feel that having a completely civil ceremony would not be representative of who they are as people nor reflect their own belief stucture as well. If you are part of a couple a the latter does describe you, you and your soon-to-be spouse msy want to give some consideration to having both faiths represented during the ceremony, Typically, this is referred to as an interfaith wedding ceremony.

Unity Candle The example below assumes the bride or groom is Jewish and the other half of the couple is Christian. Please see our sample interfaith wedding ceremony below..


Unity Candle Looking for a different type of ceremony or a potential add-on to one of our existing ceremonies? Please click below...

Unity Candle Are you looking for a ceremony that is personalized and includes details about your relationship? Check out our exclusive Couple's Questionnaire which is what we use to customixe your ceremony.

Sample Unity Candle Add on Are you already married? Looking to make this upcoming anniversary one to remember? How about surprising your spouse with an impromptu vow renewal? We can even arrange to have it conducted after dinner plans, before a party, etc. Check our sample vow-renewal ceremony here or email New York Marriages to find out how together we can make it happen


Unity Candle
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